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Ruth Gualerzi s.p.

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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions shall apply to all legally binding acts between Ruth Gualerzi - Legal Translation Gualerzi - (hereafter defined as: the translator) and the customer.
1. Written translations and consecutive interpreting constitute mere services. Assignments shall be executed under the following terms.
2. Offers for translations are sent in writing (also via e-mail) upon examination of the source text that will be translated.
3. Withdrawal of assignments: These can be withdrawn by the parties. However, the customer must pay the text already translated at the time of withdrawal.
4. Execution of translations: The translator renders the legal source text in its complete content and linguistically correctly into the other language and is not    liable for any defects of the client’s text version. The client must provide for any specific terminology. The translations shall be carried out faithfully and upon careful proofreading.
5. Confidentiality: All of the documents and information provided by the customer to the translator in connection with the execution of the assignment shall be dealt as confidential by the translator. No assignments shall  be passed on to other translators.
6. Terms of delivery: The translator shall provide the translations at the agreed time. Fixed delivery terms must be agreed in writing.
7. Terms of payment: Within 30 days after invoicing respectively 10 days for express translations.
8. Complaints/Rectification of defects: The customer is obliged to communicate to the translator any complaints about the translation in mentioning in detail his/her  reasons. He/she must do so immediately if possible and not later than 10 days after transmission of the completed translation. The criticized translation shall be revised.
9. Applicable law/Place of jurisdiction
Swiss law shall apply to both the assignment and to any claims arising from the latter. Place of jurisdiction is Liestal, canton of Baselland.